United Fresh Services

United Fresh Services is a specialist in the ripening of bananas and ready-to-eat fruit

Ripening services

As a banana ripener, United Fresh Services uses knowledge and supply chain information to deliver tailored services. In this way bottlenecks in the complete fresh chain improve and continuity is ensured.

The journey, that bananas and ready to eat fruit make from farm to fork, is centrally coordinated with the ripening of fruit as core business. The supply chain is optimized thanks to support in strategic sourcing, extensive support in logistics, customs clearance, quality monitoring and planning.

Consequently, United Fresh Services is as a distributor also a partner for container arrivals, palletizing, re-stacking, storing, packing and monitoring of fresh fruit. In the end, a transparent and long-term partnership determine the success of ripe fruit and shelf life.

United Fresh Services
United Fresh Services

A central location

Fruits, as delicate as bananas, need to reach the stores as soon as possible after leaving the ripening facilities. The success of ‘ripe and ready’ fruit, like mangos, avocados and kiwis, is best realized from a central location with respect to the location of the distribution center.

Accordingly, United Fresh Services established the ripening chambers in IJsselmuiden, a very strategic point in the Netherlands with favorable inland connection and quick access to all (inter)national highways.

Ripening facilities

By 2014, United Fresh Services is the most modern ripening accommodation in the Netherlands, with 32 ripening rooms and a capacity of 41,472 banana boxes. Optimizations through the full supply chain directly give the flexibility to increase the ripening capacity by 40% towards 60.000 boxes.

The inventory is optimally managed by the ‘Controlled Atmosphere’ ripening chambers and Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO) storage and ripening systems. Special storage systems extend the shelf life of a banana, because the maturation process is being delayed, allowing the fruit to remain fresh, beautifully yellow and well flavored. Which results in more flexibility and a reduction of food waste.

United Fresh Services
United Fresh Services

32 modern
ripening rooms

United Fresh Services

Ripening capacity
up to 60.000 boxes

United Fresh Services

Flexible storage
through climate control

Daily maturity checks

Upon arrival the fruit is submitted to quality checks in a conditioned research area. The banana ripening process is monitored throughout the week by daily ripening checks on ripeness, quality, temperature and color evolution. Bananas can mature in any desired color, based on statistics and appropriate experience. The client indicates when the fruit is ‘ripe and ready’.

  • 2
  • 3
    more green
    than yellow
  • 4
    more yellow
    than green
  • 5
    yellow with
    green tips
  • 6
  • 7
    yellow with
    brown dots
United Fresh Services

Good Fruit

In the vision of United Fresh Services a sustainable supply chain gives the best result. Openness is necessary for good fruit of high quality and committed partners are essential. Compagne Fruitière implements a responsible approach which guarantees the sustainability of its activities. The group has implemented a proactive policy that includes respect for workers and the environment in all the countries where it operates. Together with various producers and institutions different tests are executed in mutual fruit researches, in search for innovations and in an attempt to control sector-threatening diseases such as Black Sigatoka.